Story by Anon

One Saturday night many years ago, I found myself at a local strip club. This was a night that I wouldn’t soon forget. While watching a show at the tip rail, I struck up a conversation with the single blond girl next to me. Both of us were there out of boredom, and both of us were lonely. Seeing as that establishment is the epitome of loniless, the idea of two kindred spirits (of the opposite sex) finding each other and having a connection that was based around money was about a million to one. The more we talked, the louder it got, so upon her suggestion, we made our way to the back patio to talk more and play a game of pool.

The patio was crowded, but the pool table was open. Feeling like pushing my luck, I dared the girl to a game of stripes versus solids, and she accepted. I racked ‘em, she broke ‘em, and the war between her solids and my stripes began. While I attempted to sink my first ball, one of the dancers had sat down on the ledge of the table, placing her butt right on the side pocket. Right as she did this, I shot, and knocked the que ball into it’s target. That ball rocketed off the felt bumper and shot itself into the side pocket, right in between the girls cheeks.

Startled, she approached me with a wild look in her eye. She said “Think you can do that again?” I gulped, and nodded. “Sure” I said with as much confidence and bravado as I could muster. I looked at my opponent, and she was amused by the situation. I felt luck on my side, so I lined up for another shot. The dancer didn’t hesitate in taking the opportunity to psyche me out. She leaned up on the table, and place one leg over my pool stick. As I prepared my next shot, I looked to my right and saw that she was mere inches from me. Her silver bikini bottom was so close, I could see the stitching. I looked at her, with her one raised eyebrow and the look of “I dare you to do it” in her face. Harnessing all the focus in the universe, I shut all external thought out of my mind, and I slammed the pool stick into the cue ball. The ball impacted with it’s target, and launched the 2 ball into the side pocket.

The crowd, the girl, and the stripper all cheered.

I ended up losing the rest of the game to the girl, but I didn’t care. That moment, that one singular moment, defined one of the greatest experiences of my young adult life. And it proved that even in intense situations all you need is focus. Too bad things with the girl didn’t work out though. But hell, it’s still a great story.