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Learn to dominate at GameZer Billiards with these helpfull videos. GameZer Billiards is a popular 3d online Multi-Player billiards game that you can play from your PC. It is similar to Miniclip’s 8 Ball Pool but is more popular in areas where 8 Ball Pool is not. Many people view billiards as an intense mind game that rivals chess for complexity of strategic options. Where it differs from chess is that there is the physical aspect of eye hand coordination. It takes no skill to to move chess pieces, it is very difficult to execute billiards moves. Even if you have a high billiards I.Q. you will not be able to win games if you cannot execute shots correctly. For most people the opposite is true. They can shoot the balls but they can’t see more than one shot ahead. That’s where online billiards games come into play. One can practice in the comfort of their own home, while they wait at the dmv or even on their lunch break during a workday. Before video games, an aspiring billiards player would have spend hours in a pool hall or local pub to get in enough games to start to understand all the nuances of billiards at the higher level of competition. Not to mention learning how to stay calm under pressure. All these skills can now be perfected and honed online. One can learn even quicker by watching the video below and learning from the many great instructional videos on websites like Youtube.com and Chalkisfree.com.

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