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Miniclip 8 Ball Pool is the most popular multiplayer pool game online. much more popular than games like Happy Wheels or other games found on Friv. The game is a free download and can be played on a PC or as a mobile app on the iPhone, iPad, Ipod, and Android devices. There are tens of thousands of people to playing Miniclip 8 Ball Pool. You can play 1-on-1 or in multiplayer tournaments. Each pool match earns Pool Coins. The winner of each match receives more Pool Coins than the loser. Entry fee’s and Prizes increase as the levels get higher. Customize your Pool Cue and increase your powers buy using coins in the Pool Shop.


Extend Aim Guidelines, Increase Maximum Spin, and Increase Overall Power are the “powers” that you can purchase in Miniclip 8 Ball Pool Shop. There are almost 50 Cues to set you apart from the other players, including Valentine Cue, Blue Hope Cue (Light Saber), Elven Cue, and Frankencue. Even though Miniclip 8 Ball Pool is a free download it is possible to spend a lot of money with the game.


You player profile shows your rank and total winnings as well as the customizable avatar that the other players see in pool matches. Player stats like Win percentage and Tournaments one are also displayed.


There is a mini-game in Miniclip 8 Ball called Spin and Win. It’s basically a slot machine game that players can use to win more Pool Coins. You can purchase more spins as an in app purchase.


The physics in the game are very good. Not exactly like the real world but much better than most online pool games. There are many sites that have cheats and hacks for Miniclip 8 ball pool but the game is so much fun that cheating or hacking would only really ruin it.



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