Top 10 Best Pool iPhone/iPad apps

Looking for the best billiards app for the iPhone or the best billiards app for the iPad? These apps are both fun and helpful. As mobile phones become increasingly more powerful, the level of realism depicted in Pool/Billiard Apps is only getting better. Not only do they provide a great way to pass the time but Pool apps are great training aids, even though the balls in a virtual pool game don’t roll exactly the same way they do in real life, Pool apps are a great way to practice your shot selection.

In no particular order:

Break Speed Iphone App

Break Speed
Price: $4.99

Break Speed is an app that calculates the speed of your break by “listening” to the time your cue strikes the cue ball and when the cue ball hits the rack.  This is a great training aid for those who want to increase the speed of their break.

Break Speed uses  “advanced audio analysis algorithms” created for the Break Speed App. It can discern the difference between your break and someone breaking next to you. An awesome Iphone App to have for any pool player.

Crazy Pool Iphone App
Crazy Pool 3d
Price: $0.99
Although this is not like the traditional pool apps that try to emulate real pool. Crazy Pool 3D adds a fun twist to the game of billiards.

There are no pockets in Crazy Pool 3D. The goal is to hit all the red balls off the table. To make things interesting yellow balls a placed on the table as obstacles. If you hit one yellow ball of the table the game is over. There are over fifty levels to master!
Billiard Master Iphone App

Billiard Master
Price: FREE (as of time of writing)
Billiard Master is not a game but a great guide to playing 3-Cushion Billiards. Features a top down view of the billards table. The user can position the three balls anywhere in the table. The app shows you how to hit the ball to make the shot. For more accuracy you can chose from three different sizes of tables to use.

Disco Pool Iphone App
Disco Pool
Price: $1.99
Disco Pool is another Pool App that features pool balls but no pool table. The goal of the game is to flick the same colored pool balls into each other. When similarly colored pool balls touch they stick together. When all of the same colored pool balls are stuck together, they disappear. While all of this is going on disco lights are spinning on a checkered floor.

If you really miss the seventies and you are not prone to an epileptic seizure then this pool app is for you.
Pool Iphone App
Price: $1.99
This app features the pool table from the top view only. You can play 9 ball or 8 ball against the computer, against a friend on the same phone, or against a friend over wi-fi. The controls are surprisingly good. tap the ball you want to aim at and the cue orients itself to shoot at that ball. use the controls at the bottom of the pool table to fine tune your shot. moving your finger up and down the power slider adjusts how hard you stroke will be. The physics of the game are good (better than some 3d games).
Pool Bar Iphone App
Pool Bar Online Hustle
Price: $0.99
Pool Bar has some of the best graphics in pool app. Play the computer, a friend on the same phone, or against someone online. The controls are very good and the in game physics are realistic.

Midnight Pool Iphone App

Midnight Pool
Price: $0.99
The best thing about this app is the Lynyrd Skynyrd song playing in the beginning. The Controls are similiar to other pool aps, but not as precise. The physics are also not as realistic.

Pool Pro Online App
Pool Pro Online 3
Price: $0.99
This game is one of the best for

Killer Pool Iphone App
Killer Pool
Price: $0.99
Lot’s of fun.

3d Pool Iphone App
3D Pool Game
Price: $0.99
Lot’s of fun